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The following steps outline the process for receiving services from Disability Support Services (DSS):

    1. A student must self-identify as having a disability, as well as provide current and comprehensive documentation from a professional qualified to diagnose the specific disability. The documentation must be on a professional letter head. Anything on a prescription pad will not be accepted.
    2. The DSS Administrator must review all documentation and determine whether the student is eligible to receive services.
    3. Appropriate accommodations are determined by the student and the DSS Administrator based on documented needs and functional limitations of the student.
    4. Students are responsible for meeting with their instructors to discuss the accommodations and provide them with a letter written by DSS which lists the approved academic accommodations.

Please see the Flowchart for the steps to follow.

Some students find it easier to write a letter of introduction (in addition to the DSS letter) to give to their instructor(s). Writing a letter allows you to edit and re-edit what you are trying to say.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions